Monday, February 13, 2012

Colorado, Michigan City!

The Church Family has logged over 4 thousand miles in 2011! 2000 miles to Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico then another 2000 to Michigan City.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

El Centro and Las Vegas in April 2011

The Church Family has recently taken two short road trips! Our first was experimental and short. We drove to El Centro in the 4Runner, our favorite car, to visit Hal's mom, Roberta. We hadn't seen her in over a year and were excited about getting out of the house for a road trip with both boys. It was successful! We enjoyed visiting with family and staying at a hotel for the first time as a family of 4. The more we travel, the easier it gets!

Total mileage, round trip: 458 miles approx.

Our next trip was to Las Vegas to see my little sister, Montana. This trip was planned a little better than the trip to El Centro because we knew what to expect.I was able to spend lots of quality time with Montana while Hal and the boys had fun in the hotel and by the pool.
Our transportation for this trip was the focus. It's very tiny and holds almost all of our stuff. No more road trips in the focus!

Total mileage, round trip: 574 miles approx.


Next scheduled road trip is Denver, Colorado in September! A total of 2,078 miles roundtrip!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traveling with Ian

The road trips/vacations that I am going to log were/are trips that we have taken as a family. There are too many trips to log that involved just me and Hal.

I would have to say that the first road trip with just Ian was to Manteca. It was just Ian and me. I think it was August or September of 2008 so he was only a month or two old. We stayed with Dan and Nicki for a few days, possibly a week. That was the first of many trips to Northern Cali. Approx miles: 640 round trip

The second trip was to Manteca as well, in December of 2008. I really miss those trips. Approx miles: 640 round trip

Trip number 3 came in January of 2009 when we visited The Elrods at their new house in Queen Creek, Az. And a brief visit with my life long friend Kelli and her family. We stayed for about a week, had a great time, looked at a few houses, thought about moving there, then returned home. Approx miles: 850 round trip
Ian and I traveled with the Elrods out to Arizona, Hal met us there a day after, then we drove back home a week later.

Next up was Las Vegas! We saddled up and drove to Vegas to see my Dad & family in February of 2009 (because that's really the only time of the year that anyone would WANT to go to Vegas). We stayed at our favorite hotel, The Golden Nugget and discovered what it was like to stay in a hotel with a baby. Spent some time toolin' around the hotel, saw the Hoover Dam and the cool bridge that was recently finished, and some much needed time with family. Approx miles: 590 round trip

There were 2 more trips to Manteca in 2009, each totaling 640 Miles for a total of 1280 approx miles. The trip in July of 2009 was for a mini getaway before Ian's first birthday. Hal came on this trip. We stayed with Dan & Nicki (we consider them family) again and had a small party for Ian & Dylan. That trip was too short. The last trip in 2009 was in October & November. Took Ian up to Dan & Nicki's for a Halloween Party then came home for a week or so then went back up for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this was our last trip, overnight anyway. We were blessed with our 2nd boy, Jeremy in January of 2010 and have yet to take an overnight trip. We have big plans for 2011!

Total mileage on the road (with Ian) as of Nov 2009=4000 miles. This however does not include small road trips that were taken in between that did not involve staying overnight anywhere. We traveled a lot, I think, with Ian. We hope that once the boys are a little older, we can start traveling more! We hope to go to new places, see more family and maybe at some point go across the country!

My next post will include our recent trips around Southern California.