Saturday, May 7, 2011

El Centro and Las Vegas in April 2011

The Church Family has recently taken two short road trips! Our first was experimental and short. We drove to El Centro in the 4Runner, our favorite car, to visit Hal's mom, Roberta. We hadn't seen her in over a year and were excited about getting out of the house for a road trip with both boys. It was successful! We enjoyed visiting with family and staying at a hotel for the first time as a family of 4. The more we travel, the easier it gets!

Total mileage, round trip: 458 miles approx.

Our next trip was to Las Vegas to see my little sister, Montana. This trip was planned a little better than the trip to El Centro because we knew what to expect.I was able to spend lots of quality time with Montana while Hal and the boys had fun in the hotel and by the pool.
Our transportation for this trip was the focus. It's very tiny and holds almost all of our stuff. No more road trips in the focus!

Total mileage, round trip: 574 miles approx.


Next scheduled road trip is Denver, Colorado in September! A total of 2,078 miles roundtrip!